How does credit through GFA work?

How does credit through GFA work?

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Use credit earned through GFA at ASU

For example, if you take English 101 through GFA, then ASU recognizes that credit as English 101. This means that none of your work in GFA is “remedial” in nature — it all counts toward your degree at ASU. 



Transfer your credit to another university

You can also use the credit you earn through GFA at another university. The specific school that you are transferring to decides how the credit will transfer. If you are planning on transferring make sure to contact their registrar's office to understand how the credits will transfer.



High rate of acceptance with other universities

Arizona State University is ranked by U.S. News and World Report in the top tier of national universities. This means credit earned through GFA has one of the highest transferability rates in the country and will most likely be accepted.


Tips for transferring

Contact your prospective school’s registrar or enrollment services to discuss their unique procedures.

Ask your prospective school how their courses align with ASU for transferability.

Request that your transcript be sent to your future schools registrar.