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Morgan Richards

Building the Confidence to Return to College

Morgan Richards is the definition of busy. As a self-employed mother of two and an ASU student, she’s an expert at making the most of her time. Before Global Freshman Academy (GFA), Morgan had relinquished her dream of pursuing her degree until her children were older. But after discovering GFA, she was able to begin her college career immediately, even while living abroad. Morgan is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in anthropology through ASU Online!

How did you discover GFA?

I saw a story in a local Phoenix newspaper. I did some research online and enrolled quickly after learning more about the GFA program and courses.

Have you taken college courses outside of GFA?

I started as a nursing major at a tech school, but when I found out I was expecting my second child, I decided to devote my time to raising my family and put college on hold. I knew I wanted to go back to college eventually but figured I would wait for my kids to get older and farther along in school themselves. 

What were your GFA courses like?

They have been easy to navigate. The initial “how to” videos are helpful for getting started, and the course materials are easy to use and access, even for those who may not feel like they’re tech savvy.

What did you like best about taking GFA courses?

I loved that I could take these classes anywhere, especially since I was living abroad in Dubai at the time. I also loved that my classes directly translated to ASU credits on my academic transcript. Since the classes were delivered online, I could more easily fit coursework into my schedule, usually when my kids were in bed or away at school. This flexibility allowed me to work toward my degree without sacrificing family time. Human Origins was especially interesting to me, but overall, the courses gave me the motivation to commit to going back to college to earn my degree!

Did you feel supported through your GFA courses?

Definitely! My classes had group Facebook pages that allowed everyone in the class to post and interact with one another. I enjoyed being able to connect with my classmates, and it was also a great resource for questions and encouragement. 

What tips do you have for someone considering taking GFA courses?

Time management is key. Dedicate at least an hour per day during the week to each of your courses. It’s all about making time and incorporating it into your schedule so it becomes routine. 


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“I loved that I could take it anywhere, in Dubai and Phoenix and that the classes directly translate to ASU credits on my transcript. I could easily fit coursework into my schedule, usually when my kids are in bed or at school, allowing me to pursue my education without sacrificing family time.”

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