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What is Global Freshman Academy?

ASU's Global Freshman Academy is for those who work hard at forging their way to a new life. GFA makes university available to those who aren’t on the standard collegiate path. We meet you exactly where you are by providing first-year university courses that let you earn transferable ASU credit from anywhere in the world.

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I'm still in high school

Get a head start on earning ASU credit

Whether you're a homeschooled student or part of a large high school, GFA is the perfect way for you to begin earning real college credit while still in high school. Unlike most standard AP classes, GFA can replace your entire first year of college and actually help you achieve progress toward graduating from college. In fact, ASU sees the credit you earn through GFA as the exact same as any other ASU course. 

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I'm entering college

Give college a try without risking your GPA

GFA is the perfect way to jumpstart college. Perhaps you are unsure if college is the right fit for you, or maybe you don't know how you will perform in a college class. With GFA, you can begin taking real college courses and pay tuition after you pass. In other words, you can "try college on for size" while still making progress toward graduation.

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I'm going back to college

Earn your second chance at a degree

Do you deserve a second chance at college? Does your GPA anchor you to your past life and prevent you from attending the university of your choice? The people behind GFA believe that you absolutely deserve a second chance, and a third, and a fourth. In fact, GFA was designed to help you earn your way back into college. Leave your transcripts at home and begin passing college courses today. 

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Same courses, same faculty, same credit

Global Freshman Academy is made possible by a powerful partnership between Arizona State University and edX. Actually start college today and begin working toward your degree at ASU or a different school of your choice.

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Join over 230,000 students in more than 180 countries already enrolled in Global Freshman Academy.

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